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The Best way to boost your manufacturing is to maintain it digitally

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What is Maintenance & Management?

A software that helps to manage every aspects of your asset lifecycle.

Asset Management

Planned Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance Procedures

Planned / Unplanned Maintenance Work

Organized Database


Successful Implementation

We are constantly pushing for innovation and development within the maintenance department and LU-MMS has provided full support in training of our staff, sharing of knowledge among our technicians. Moreover, for continuous improvement, LU-MMS provide us the brakdown maintenance data and we plan our development projects.

Muddassir Saleem (Managing Director of Salim Winding – Candle Threads)

What is a CMMS?

A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is an essential operational tool for managing scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on capital assets. A good CMMS system lets you track information related to the planning of activities such as maintenance, cleaning or inspections on physical assets, ensuring that production systems operate as required, thus minimizing asset downtime. CMMS software also provides a scheduling facility for managing planned preventive work on maintainable assets. The decision to invest in a CMMS is an important one for any organization.

Why is it needed?

  • Do you have an effective way to generate and track work orders? How do you verify the work was done efficiently and correctly? What is the notification function upon completion?
  • Are you able to access historical information on the last time a system was serviced, by whom, and for what condition?
  • How are your spare-parts inventories managed and controlled? Do you have either excess inventories or are you consistently waiting for parts to arrive
  • Do you have an organized system to store documents (electronically) related to O&M procedures, equipment manuals, and warranty information?
  • When service staff are in the field what assurances do you have that they are compliant with all life, health and safety issues (e.g., lock and tag) and are using the right tools/equipment for the task?
  • How are your assets, i.e., equipment and systems, tracked for reporting and planning?
A well-executed asset management strategy can extent the economic life of capital equipment, increase system availability and reduce maintenance related costs.

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